Saturday, July 25, 2009

coat and tie

(posted by rain darwin)

I was staring on my coat and necktie for almost an hour. My intended get-up on my first day of work in the world’s most diverse and exciting city – the San Francisco. Last night I practiced the fastest way to necktie impeccably even to the last minute of my time. Casting myself on the mirror, I see myself five years ago. I was young then, full of dreams and advocacy.

Today is July 25, my birthday. We had just parted ways after an enjoyable videoke party at Music21 Timog together with my fellow engkantos and our guest: i’d finally seen him at last! Mksurf8 and his G.

I’m glad that Lukayo had finally able to hear Neyo’s Mad Song, he even sung it. That song was unforgettable to us which signifies our “rise and fall”. I was cuddling him during his entire singing. I kissed his lips when he bid goodbye.

Spur of the moment, I grabbed my old diary in my briefcase. I found myself reading my entries time and again. Until I came across again with the “Bulong ng Hangin”….

I had drawn my attention to northwest airline CA(SFO) via NRT. The ticket is no longer OPEN. It is booked on August 7. As tears flow down my face I can hardly contain my heart in my chest for I know that this is the hardest turn of events for me.


jaycee_08 said...

Haayyzz! Nauubos na ang mga enkanto. Sobrang nakakasad..

MkSurf8 said...

happy birthday ulet! salamat sa pag imbita. nag enjoy kami =) happy trip sa sanfo. wag gabi gabi rumampa sa castro ha. lol!